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While typically the cataloging process results in the production of library catalogs, it also produces other types of discovery tools for documents and collections.

Bibliographic control provides the philosophical basis of cataloging, defining the rules for sufficiently describing information resources to enable users to find and select the most appropriate resource.

But I believe in fighting back, in standing up for yourself. As for the ethical question, if the reason I found out my significant other cheated is by catching an STD, and I then have to get tested, I'd feel more of an ethical implication to put it on the site, make people aware that she had one. Why Powerful Men Cheat So you don't worry about untrue posts? We do filter the posts; hundreds a day come through containing personal information—phone numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers. What kind of response have you gotten from actual cheaters? The cheater finds out they're on the site and they reply—it's usually remorseful.

There are some that I read where I sit back and wonder if the stories are really true. We had a guy today who found out his wife was cheating with his buddy, so he posted his buddy's wife's number so people could let her know about the affair. Some say that the incident helped them become a better person.

At that point, the person who posted the initial cheater information can remove it or make it not visible on the site. I'm not a psychologist, but it seems to be very therapeutic for all parties involved.

I'm really interested in the ethical implications of a site like Cheaterville. It's interesting; I had a lot of men come up to me and call me a man-basher.

The records serve as surrogates for the stored information resources.

Since the 1970s these metadata are in machine-readable form and are indexed by information retrieval tools, such as bibliographic databases or search engines.

He added to his bibliography an alphabetical list of authors with inverted names, which was a new practice.

The controversial site—which launched on Valentine's Day 2011—allows users to publicly shame the unfaithful men and women by posting stories of indiscretion, accompanied by names, photographs, and even job titles.

Founder and CEO James Mc Gibney, a former Marine, developed the idea after returning from deployment to find out that his buddy's wife had been cheating.

But despite the explosive popularity of the site, Mc Gibey has taken his fair share of criticism. James Mc Gibney: There are people who are thrilled about it because they find out their suspicions are true, that their significant others are cheating on them.

He took some time to chat with us about the Cheaterville mission, ethical concerns, and his plans for the future. There wasn't proof before—it's really hard to catch someone on Facebook.

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