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Cant really complain with 16mp front and rear cameras.I'll put some photos up on thursday when mine arrives for comparison.Not all manufacturers are even releasing these for their phones.This is the biggest concern with regards to lack of updates ordered through Virgin today on the p/m plan to ensure I get the extra gb of data in my plan.

The R9 will definitely be a decent step up with its 4GB ram and octo-core processor.

I know my fulmics version is way out of date now, but if it's working fine then there's no need to get more updates.

some of the updates that a phone gets are to patch over newly discovered security holes in the operating system.

Will post up a full review when I get my hands on the phone and have some time to play around with it I agree, after waiting for this mobile to arrive and have been looking at it for a long time I now feel that the Oneplus 3 is the better spec"d phone albeit that it doesn't have an external memory card reader but with 64gb inbuilt storage I can live with that.

Considering they're marketing it as a high end quality camera in a mid range phone it should be decent, especially seeing as they have saved costs on plenty of other stuff like nfc and water proofing.

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