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Looking for eccentric local characters, tired and emotional regulars, blow ins from the big smokes? Tanswell's retro stained glass window sign Near this is Paul and Ivy's All Day Diner at 38 Ford Street, which is now open for dinner weekend evenings.

Ivy is from China and her cooking influence is prevalent. [caption id="attachment_1889" align="alignnone" width="335"] Bridge Road Brewery graffiti sign[/caption] The Cellar Door Wine Store, owned and run by two ex-Provenance employees, Aaron and Martina, has stepped up in offering many local wines by the glass.

For instance, when I see Tesseron Cognac on a top shelf, I know I'm in safe drinking hands.

By the way, arguably speaking, the town's best coffee is to be had here. [caption id="attachment_3470" align="alignnone" width="448"] Cellar Door cheese selection[/caption] Another local hero, the Beechworth Honey shop (and experience) continues to charm its way into all sweet hearts.

All in all, the dining stage in old Beechworth sets an exhilarating standard much larger communities find hard to match.

[caption id="attachment_3482" align="alignnone" width="322"] Bicycles for hire outside Bridge Road Brewery[/caption] With The Larder Fromagerie and Provisions, great for coffee and cake expertise, the Beechworth Provender for its local wine selection and the famed, though touristy, Beechworth Bakery (don’t miss the Vanilla Slice) for its general all round welcome and you have a town of serious gourmet reputation.

[caption id="attachment_3476" align="alignnone" width="336"] A town icon[/caption] Excellent news for all Beechworth aficionados: Rocco Esposito and Lisa Pidutti (former owners of Wardens) are back in town with a hot new venture simply called 'Project 49'.

Tanswell's Commercial Hotel pub at 50 Ford St is another local favourite.

Food isn't great but the atmosphere is authentic country retro.

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